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The 3 Week Diet Review

The confusion of picking the best diet plan online is true. It is head spinning that the endless amount of diet programs offered are never ending and making a choice is such a nerve racking deal. In the chaos of finding something that actually works, one is unable to decide which one might really work. Where a lot of the programs do work, there are many that don’t bring the promised or expected outcome. However, lately, I have heard of the 3 week diet program and oh my, am it good or not? It definitely is amazing and is worthy of some appreciation too. thus, here is a quick yet detailed review of what the 3 Week Diet Plan offers you and how it works, along with tis pros and cons. Through 3 Week Diet review, you will be able to make a wise and amazing decision. However, you need to keep in mind that this diet plan requires you to have the determination of following a proper 21 day, tough diet with proper discipline.

What Is The 3 Week Diet Plan?

Within a short time period, the 3 Week Diet Plan has gathered a lot of appreciation and praise. It has been able to attract people towards it immensely. If you are looking forward to instant and quick results then nothing really beats this one as this diet plan is basically made for people who wish to lose weight fast. Through 3 Week Diet diet plan you can easily lose 12-20 lbs within 21 days. Now that isn’t a bad deal, is it?

Majority of people give up on the diet plans that they start off with because they are unable to see the 3 Week Diet results that they were expecting. Obviously you will get diets which make you lose 2 pounds after 10 days or so but to be honest, motivation does die off gradually. Don’t worry; you are not alone in this. A lot of people find themselves losing motivation due to the limited and short results.

3 Week Diet

3 Week Diet

Brian Flatt 3-Week Diet Program

Brian Flatt who is a great nutritionist and personal trainer, created this 3 Week Diet Plan with the thought of helping people get the amazing results that can motivate them further. Through this plan the fat burning process of a person is accelerated so that they can attain the outcomes that they have dreamt of. It seems as if losing weight so fast can be true, for sure, but maintaining it afterwards will be nothing but an impossible task. Well, that is what all crash diets do when they offer the surprisingpromise of making you lossconsiderably good amount of weight within 21 days. But that is the great part about the 3 Week Diet. It not only tells you how to keep up the momentum for 21 days and diet with discipline but it also provides you with the guidelines of how to maintain it after 3 weeks.

Does The 3 Week Diet Work?

The 3 Week Diet Plan has a complete set of 4 phases. Usually the first phase is the hardest for almost everyone. But this phase brings the most positive outcomes too so you need to stick to it. The second phase is all about 1 day and you lose a bit within that day. The first phase lasts for the entire week but you get a great break after it as the 2nd phase is just for a day. The third phase was usually from 9-11 (like a time lapse window) and one loses weight through this one too. The phase 4 lasts for day 12th to day 21. The major focus of this complete 9 day, 4th phase is to keep the process of weight loss going on so that the dieters can get the desired result and not just a limited outcome.

Just like majority of the diet plans that you see or get your hands on, this one is also a combination of eating pattern changes and working out. The 3 Week Diet workout plan is not that tough though. You need to walk vigorously every day with any workout that you wish to opt for, from the ones that the guide is offering you. To understand the 3 week diet plan better, here is a quick overview of the 4 phases that complete 3 Week Diet plan guide.

• PHASE 1:

If you fear crash diets then this one is the hardest for you. There are no skipping meals and the meals need to be surrounded around whatever the 3 Week Diet diet plan tells you. You have to let go off the cravings and the fast food for this week entirely. You are given a proper restriction in the types of foods that you can grab and are allowed to eat. You can have as many veggies as you want and that is the best part of this phase.

You can weigh yourself after 2-3 days and you will see a very motivating factor on the scale of the weighing machine. A lot of people weigh themselves daily too while they are on 3 Week Diet plan. You can do that but it really isn’t that great for the mind. Go on for at least 2-3 days before you scale yourself.

• PHASE 2:

Phase 2 is just a one day fast and after the first phase, you feel like this is the hardest thing that you are going to do but trust me; it turns out to be the easiest. A lot of people tend to skip the fasting phase; do not do that!After the phase 2, you are also given some tips as to how you need to maintain the weight loss.

• PHASE 3:

The 3rd phase is 4 day long. This phase might makeyou doubt everything that you are allowed to eat and make but a little research will let you know that you are just on the right path. This phase is not just going to be a little doubtful but is a challenging one too. You need to calculate the calories that you are eating. You can easily get the calories of every single thing that you are eating on the internet now so that is not difficult at all. You need to be conscious about the caloric intake that the guide has told you about.

• PHASE 4:

The 4th phase is yet again, going to be tough because it is 9 days long but it is somewhat like the final countdown. It makes you turn back to a normal, healthy dieting phase so that you don’t gain weight and maintain the one that you have lost, losing a bit more. The crash diet somewhat ends within this phase, making you learn how to maintain the weight that you have lost, and lost a bit more with the help of a healthy dieting or eating pattern. The weight loss gets to a slower rate but you don’t gain while on the 4th phase, so don’t worry about it.

The Pros And Cons Of The 3 Week Diet Plan

So what are the pros and cons of the 3 week diet plan? Are the perks amazing enough to overlook the cons? Let’s dig into them!


• The major perk is that 3 week diet really works. After 2-3 days, you see actual results in front of you.

• Every phase of this diet is backed up with proper scientific study and research.

• You get a 60 day money back guarantee when you invest in 3 Week Diet. The money back guarantee is amazingly reliable because it is through Click Bank so no worries here at all.

• Hundreds of people have raved this 3 week diet plan with extremely positive and happy reviews as this has helped them in lose weight and keep it off too.


• The biggest negative aspect of this diet is that it is a crash diet and there is no hiding out of it. Thus it won’t be suiting majority of people. Not everyone has the capacity to attend to crash diets.

• It is not too great for a vegan because they hardly adore eggs.

• You will need some equipment’s for the workouts too so yes; there is a little investment which might not be adored by a lot of people.

• There is some supplement recommendation which is not that great and necessary for weight loss.

It is not surprising that this weight loss plan or guide is not suitable for everyone. It is an open crash diet which restricts you firmly from a lot of things for straight 21 days and it definitely carries some cons too which can make one doubt their decision.

Is The 3 Week Diet Legit?

At the end, would you, or would you not, get your hands on this 3 Week Diet Plan by Brian?
It all comes down to what you really want! It has worked for hundreds of people who had the motivation to stick to this plan for just 3 weeks. I know, saying 3 weeks and experiencing them through this guide are totally poles apart. The process of cutting down the negative foods and counting your caloric intakemakes you practice healthy eating. You get knowledge about what you are eating and you start making good eating decisions too. Thus if you are okay with sticking to a tough diet plan then this is literally the best buddy for you out there that actually works and helps you in keeping the weight loss balanced too.

However, if you are not a tough dieter and you like flexible diet plans then this is not for you. It is going to be tough and the users of Red Tea Detox diet plan tell that out loud. If you want to look forward to a diet pan that is customizable, then don’t get your hands on this one at least.

Now the decision is yours to make, depending on the type of dieter you are! 3 Week Diet Plan by Brain is all about staying determined and being persistent in the efforts you make. If you can attend to a strict diet, I promise you that this one is going to work for you.

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