Bacon & Butter: The Ultimate Ketogenic Diet Cookbook By Celby Richoux!

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Bacon And Butter Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic Diet Cookbook Reviews

Hello folks, welcome to my blog! Today, I will be reviewing The Ketogenic Diet Cookbook AKA Bacon & Butter: The Ultimate Ketogenic Diet Cookbook.

What is Bacon & Butter: The Ultimate Ketogenic Diet Cookbook?

The Ketogenic Diet Cookbook (Bacon & Butter) is written by Celby Richoux and contains 150 ketogenic recipes, categorized into the categories below:
 Rich Shakes & Smoothies
 Bacon and Breakfast Delights
 Sneaky Keto Classics
 Luscious Snacks
 Fish Favourites
 Fish Classics
 Flavourful Meaty Mains
 Savoury Poultry
 Kitchen Foodstuffs: Sauces, Condiments & Dressings
 Marvellous Desserts
The majority of the recipes are actually easy to understand. However the Sneaky Keto Classics subdivision includes recipes for dishes such as tacos, pizza and macaroni & cheese. The dessert module is focused on recipes which don’t contain sugar, whilst some is using stevia & honey which is alternative sweeteners.
Additionally to above-mentioned recipes, the Ketogenic Diet Cookbook further includes:
 A short intro to this diet & its health advantages.
 A dictionary of terms
 List of references
 A list containing foods which have many pesticides; called the dirty dozen & foods grown without or a few pesticides; called the clean fifteen

Who is Celby Richoux?

Once Celby Richoux was exhausted, moody, and overweight, whilst suffering from various physical disorders; then se founded the amazing ketogenic diet. When she followed the diet’s low-carb, high-fat principles all changed for her. She now has the ability to control both her weight & energy levels and eats the types of foods she loves. Bacon and Butter is her first cookbook and with this amazing book she wants to share her appreciation to experience overall well-being & nutrition.

Bacon & Butter: The Ultimate Ketogenic Diet Cookbook

The free edition of this amazing Ketogenic Diet Cookbook is not be oriented towards finding the science behind it, and is not the detailed version. However, according to the supporters of this ketogenic diet, it assisted them with the following:
1. Bacon & Butter: The Ultimate Ketogenic Diet Cookbook assists a person to lose weight. By consuming the high fat / low carbohydrate contents of the ketogenic diet, the body is placed into a process of fat-burning which is called ketosis, assisting you to lose weight and to burn fat.
2. It will enhance your mental focus. The molecules, ketones, which assist the body in burning fat, supply the perfect energy for the brain.
3. Blood sugar levels are lowered helping to rectify your insulin resistance. By a reduced intake of sugar, the ketogenic diet assists in keeping your blood sugar levels in balance.
4. Your energy levels are boosted; Carbohydrates are digested faster by the body than fat. Thus, your will have energy through the day.
5. Bacon & Butter: The Ultimate Ketogenic Diet Cookbook will reduce both your bad cholesterol and blood pressure. It will seem to be contradictory, but it’s a fundamental claim of this diet to render help with heart disease’s two greatest risk factors.
The vital key is eating the 3 primary groups of macronutrients, which are proteins, carbohydrates and fats, in the appropriate ratio.

How Does The Bacon And Butter Keto Recipes Work?

At the book’s beginning a brief and clear description of this diet as well as how it works. It describes the importance of sustaining the appropriate rations of fat towards carbohydrates and protein. There is also a description about the dissimilarity between low-indexed glycemic carbs and carbohydrates containing a high GI, whilst fibre plays a neutralising role in your intake of carbohydrates
During 2004 a study was launched to observe the effects the ketogenic diet has on adults. Candidates were divided into two groups. The candidates in the first group were following the ketogenic diet, whilst candidates in the second group were following a more conventional low-fat diet.
The Keto Group’s results were remarkable. On the whole, they coped better to stick to their diet than the other group on the low-fat diet. Furthermore, the keto group lost more weight compared to the other group, whilst they also improved more regarding their cholesterol and triglycerides levels.
During 2012, another study determined that overweight & obese people, following a ketogenic diet, had a remarkable reduction in the levels of their blood glucose. However, there are no studies how the keto diet can enhance focus. Many observers look at this diet’s impact on the brain; which is no surprise taking into account that this keto diet was initially developed to treat epilepsy patients.
The energy claim poses not easy to quantify. No studies were found regarding the keto diet’s effect on energy levels. However, it makes complete sense that consuming food which takes longer to digest, will eventually supply a person with more maintained energy compared to food which burns off rapidly.
During a study launched in 2007, the results showed that men, who were following a ketogenic diet, were less prone to feeling hungry, whilst they felt more satiated compared to men on other diets.
Conclusively, a lot of research is available to support the use of such a keto diet for achieving, blood sugar control, weight loss & other health aspects.

What is The Cost of The Ketogenic Diet Cookbook?

The ketogenic Diet Cookbook comes at the affordable price of $15.03, whilst at the moment, if you act fast, you can get a free copy of the Bacon & Butter Cookbook.PLEASE CLICK HERE.

The Pros of Bacon And Butter Ketogenic Diet

1. It is easy following the recipes which are written very clearly
2. Every recipe includes vital nutritional information, such as calorie counts, net carbs, ratios etc.
3. The majority of recipes’ ingredients are available at a local grocery shop.

The Cons of Bacon And Butter Ketogenic Diet

1. Some recipes are rather complicated compared to others. Individuals who don’t love cooking may tend to stick to easier recipes.
2. A lot of the recipes included in the Ketogenic Diet Cookbook are not vegan-friendly. The majority contain fish, meat, eggs or dairy products. It may be possible to modify the recipes, whilst it is not the best recipe book to purchase when you are on the look out for vegan or vegetarian recipes.

Benefits of The Bacon And Butter Keto Recipes

Following the ketogenic diet consistently, according to the appropriate ratio, will lead to weight loss, whilst the risk factors to develop heart disease can be lowered and blood sugar levels can be controlled.
There are 150 recipes in the free copy of this Bacon & Butter diet cookbook, which is easy to prepare, whilst crucial nutritional information are included too.  

What Results can a Person Expect From Bacon And Butter Ketogenic Diet Book?

If you follow the ketogenic diet, consistently and with discipline, you will lose weight; whilst you will feel much more satiated. Not only will your energy levels be boosted, but you will experience an overall feeling of well-being. The keto diet also boosts brain energy which will enable you to be more focussed, whilst your blood sugar levels will be controlled.
The abundance of 150 recipes offers you a wide variety of food choices and you will not easily become bored by eating the same food day after day.


Is Bacon And Butter Ketogenic Diet Legitimate?

The ketogenic diet cookbook is backed by several scientific researches which confirm its legitimacy. The author, Celby Richoux transformed her own appearance and health by following a ketogenic diet. On the website you can read the testimonials of satisfied customers.

A Happy Redditor’s Testimonial:

A Happy Redditor’s Testimonial

Where To Buy Bacon & Butter: The Ultimate Ketogenic Diet Cookbook?

This excellent cookbook can be purchased online, by clicking on the official website, whilst ClickBank is the retailer.
I recommend the Ketogenic Diet Cookbook and it can be used by all people who want to lose weight, whilst they are following a scientific researched weight loss program. Before you start with any diet, I recommend that you visit your doctor to get his approval.

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