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EXANTE Secures FCA License to Operate in the UK – a Look at the Broker

EXANTE, a global investment company founded in Malta in 2011, has decided to expand its footprint and make London its headquarters. While several local and global firms have lost their FCA licenses earlier in the year, EXANTE has managed to secure one and has been offering its services in the UK smoothly. As this broker breaks into the local market with an impressive offering of direct access to over 600,000 financial instruments in 50 markets, let us take a closer look at what EXANTE is. In this article, we will examine the broker’s background, founders, and features and offerings.

What is EXANTE?

EXANTE is an international broker that offers retail trading and professional wealth management solutions to clients of all experience levels and backgrounds. EXANTE was founded by Alexey Kirienko, Gatis Eglitis, and Anatoliy Knyazev in 2011 in Malta. It currently has under $2 billion in total AUM, and it services clients from over 100 countries with exceptions such as residents and citizens of the US, Japan, Iran, the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea (DPRK), Belarus, and the Russian Federation. This information is accurate at the time of this article’s publishing, but it may change as the broker updates its policies and expands in the future.

Operations in the UK

EXANTE has stated that they would like to set up its headquarters in London upon having received the local regulatory license from the FCA. The broker currently has offices in Malta, Cyprus, and Hong Kong, and it is licensed in each of these countries and regions by the MFSA, CySEC, and SFC respectively. Currently, UK traders can access EXANTE UK’s full range of trading services upon signing up for a live individual or corporate account. The broker is eager to capitalise on new opportunities in the country as the trading and investment scene in London and beyond has developed rapidly in recent years, amid the aftermath of Brexit which saw many regulated brokers departing the UK.

For those trading in the European Union, or for Brits living and staying abroad, EXANTE remains a reliable option. The broker is compliant with MiFID-2, which is a legal framework that ensures transparency and fairness in financial market activity and operates in the EU. EXANTE is also compliant with GDPR, a data protection policy geared towards users in the EU. This makes the broker and its proprietary trading platform a secure and robust one for those in the UK and the EU, increasing flexibility in trading from different countries for those who regularly visit countries in the EU.


Reputation in the UK

EXANTE has been operating in the UK for a while and it has already establisheda strong reputation in the region, winning many awards and accolades. These include being named Best Trading and Investment Solution Provider in the UK and Fastest Growing Multi-Asset Broker in the UK by Gazet International Magazine in 2023. It also includes being named Best Multi-Asset Financial Services Firm and Global Capital Market Access Experts of the Year at the 2023 Ethical Finance Awards.

For those who are eager to learn more about its reputation among peer trader and professional reviewers, there are plenty of positive reviews online on the trader, which is a good sign. Overall, there have been no red flags with this broker, and those who work with the investment company have been pleased with its services and product offerings, which is promising.

What does this mean for traders and investors in the UK?

As for what this decision by EXANTE means for traders and investors in the UK – it is certainly good news. Traders and investors in the country will find themselves having the option to trade with this reputable broker that has an impressive range of product offerings.

EXANTE currently offers direct access to over 600,000 financial instruments in over 50 global markets. This includes 50 FX pairs, 24,000 stocks, European and US corporate and government bonds, precious and industrial metals, over 500,000 options, and access to over 30 international futures markets. Access to the most popular exchanges in the world, including the NASDAQ, the LSE, the HKEX, the NYSE, and the ASEX is also available for clients of any account type. Traders and investors can trade with competitive spreads and rates, with commissions varying depending on the size of the trade and the instrument being traded.

Overall, the news of EXANTE securing an FCA license in the UK points to the broker and its development team’s desire to expand its footprint in the country. As EXANTE settles into its London offices, it is definitely a broker to watch for traders and investors of any experience level. For professional brokers that are looking for a wealth management solution, EXANTE may also be the answer, as it partners with family offices, banks, financial institutions, and professional wealth managers and provides them with a strong and secure investment environment.