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Disclosure of Term and Conditions

ClickMoneySystem uses the data which is provided with an online application form by customers in order to direct it to lenders which are represented through the Website. The security level of data transmission is very high because of using SSL protocol.

Customers’ personal data which is collected through ClickMoneySystem.org may be accessed by lenders which are represented on the website as well as affiliate third-party financial institutions. Information may be provided to mentioned organizations at any stage of an application process. Find more information in the section of ‘Privacy Policy’.

As soon as you complete the application form at ClickMoneySystem.org and push the button “submit” it is instantly delivered to the lenders’ representatives and is being processed. In the shortest time you will get a respond about if you are approved to get a loan. ClickMoneySystem doesn’t guarantee the success of the process. We are not lenders and don’t take any financial decisions. Submitting an online form doesn’t ensure that you will get a payday loan. The website is created to deliver your personal data to a potential lender and provide the opportunity of easy borrowing to the consumers. Our activity doesn’t cover the whole territory of the UK and the area where the service is provided may change without warning.

Usually consumers’ credit scores are not checked by lenders providing services through the Website but the information which is provided through the application form may be appropriately checked and verified. By submitting an online form you agree that such activity may be conducted towards your personal data. Generally such check doesn’t affect credit ratings. Lending terms and conditions vary among different lenders which are represented on the Site.

Access to the service

Information which is provided by the website, its activity regulations and functionality may be changed by ClickMoneySystem’ managers without warning at any time. We don’t bear responsibility for any technical disabilities of the Website, errors which may occur as a result of Internet connection failures as well as for personal data inaccuracies which are provided by the customers.

Important info

These terms regulate the relationships between the customers and ClickMoneySystem.org The changes of the terms may be applied by managers at any time and come into effect once being posted at any place of the Website.